About me ♥

Hello, Hola, Caio & Bonjour! :) 

Name... Bryony (BryonyLaura). 

Living in... London. Born and bred! 

Occupation... Student nurse. 

Height & weight... 5"5 & 8st 8lbs.

Hair colour... Light brown (naturally).

Eye colour... Green.

Proof :)

Skin colour & type... Pale white (NC20 in Mac), normal/oily, prone to blemishes on my chin (Lucky me!!), doesn't suit shimmer or glitter!

L-R - Joe, mum, Me. 

Top of the list of my priorities is my amazing, crazy, loveable & beautiful family! Don't know what I'd do or where I'd be without their smiles and constant love & support! 
People tell me I look like my mum & that I'm just like her... It makes me really proud and I feel lucky to be considered like her as she is an amazing woman! 
Mum & I <3 (Spain '12)

I have family in both London & in Scotland! Below is part of the Scottish mob! I don't get to see them as much I'd like but they are amazing :)

L-R - Me, Lili, Ashley, Aunty Julie, mum.

Growing up it was always assumed Ben and I were twins. Theres 3 years difference, him being the eldest! We don't always get on but he's my brother and he's always ready to fight for me. 

Mum, Ben & I

My friends are my rocks. They are beautiful and irreplaceable! No one can put a smile on my face like they can and I know we'll be besties for life! Can't help but smile when I think how lucky I am! 
L-R - Bryony K, Emma & I

L-R - Grace, me, Tamara & Aston

Going to university has allowed me to make some amazing friends who I can always count on. Of course some of my friends go way further back than my uni years... And they'll go much further on in my working life :)

My one and only boyfriend Harvey is my soul mate. Strong words I know but they couldn't be meant more. He makes me smile when I'm down, keeps me sane when I'm struggling and makes me feel like an absolute princess. I love him. 
He's in the RAF so I don't get to see his gorgeous face everyday but if distance makes the heart grow fonder than I'd love to see the 'fondness level' in my heart. I'm really proud of him and the difficult job he does. 
Enough of the mush! 

I love my lobster <3 
[Friends reference! Work it out ;)]

<3 <3 <3

Bobby & Bella... They are a part of our family and always manage to make us all chuckle!
I  love them!! Lol they're my babies! 
Very hairy babies but mine all the same <3
If you don't have a dog you won't realise how much they impact your life and what a huge dent (or paw print!) they leave in your heart! 

my dogs
friends, new and old
home decorating
photography apps on my iPhone (They make me think I can actually take good photos!) Haha
my iPhone 4s
rain (when I'm inside)
my iMac (with its fairy lights!)
the smell of blown out candles
yankee candle (Vanilla cupcake)
hot chocolate
chic flicks
romance novels
fruity scents 
primark :) 
winter hats
my boyfriend... duh!
my bed
wax tarts
bubble baths
pretty, girly bits & bobs
dancing round the kitchen when no-ones home
Maple pecan danish's (with the pecans taken off)
floral patterns
un-chipped nail varnish

The opposite of loves...
the grudge (and horror films alike)
rain (when I'm out in it)
being wrong
looking silly
having a cold
not being able to sleep
spicy food
rude people
when people judge me
wasps & bees
cold baths
people grinding their teeth
bad hair days
not seeing Harvey :(
hood hair
my phone battery dying
missing people

Thanks for reading <3