Saturday, 6 April 2013

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara!

I've always been a Maybelline girl when it comes to mascaras! It excites me to see a new product on the shelves in superdrug & I always try the new mascaras out! I was more than excited when the rocket volume came out as my Mac zoom lash was pretty dry & I needed another mascara with a cheaper price tag to give me as much volume as possible!

Enter Maybelline Rocket volume!!!!

It gives my lashes super volume & length! The formula is a really nice consistency to apply, not too wet or too dry! The colour is an intense black that makes your eyes go boom! I love the results it has on my lashes and I'm already on my 2nd tube!

The only downfall for me is the wand. It does an amazing job at coating, separating & even slightly curling my lashes, don't get me wrong. But personally I much prefer a bristle brush over plastic as I find it softer on the roots of my lashes! But the material of the wand would never stand in the way of me buying this mascara! It's my new holy grail & multiple people have asked if I'm wearing false lashes!

I've never worn false lashes, when you get a mascara that works for you (which this one does, bloody well!) you don't need falsies! But it's always nice to hear that people thought you were as you're lashes are so thick & long! Gives me a little tingle in my tummy!

I would recommend this mascara to everyone & anyone! With a low price tag of just £7.99 (superdrug price) it's a win win!

So for now, flutter those lashes! <3 

Thanks for reading! 

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