Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The snow!

It snowed in London over the weekend and was sooooo pretty! 
It's the first time I've driven in it however! I found it ok as long as I stuck to main roads. Last year my Lulu didn't move for a week due to the snow. This year she was as sociable as ever! :) Lulu is my car btw! 

My garden was full of it and almost completely untouched! With the exception of the scattered paw prints from next doors kittens Billy & Casper! It always looks so pretty though compared to its normal winter sadness.

Heres me in my all attractiveness!! ;)

I took the dogs for a walk with my good old mum today! We went to a manor near by and it was beautiful! The snow had started to melt so it was all crunchy but I find the noise under my wellies sort of therapeutic. Is that crazy?
I love getting to wear my hats in winter!!!!! 

The infamous Bobby & Bella... <3

These little darlings may be featured in my posts often as they never fail to make me smile! What better subject than one that makes you smile? I don't have an answer :) 
So here they are in an action shot wrestling in the snow... What they do best! Playfully of course!!!!
I love throwing snow balls and watching the confusion on their little faces when it disappears! So innocent. 

Bobby (Robert James) & I :) 
Corrrr he makes me look tiny! 

The snow is melting into slushy ice now. As beautiful as it is I'm hoping that's all until next winter... Perhaps I'll wish for a white christmas 2012! 
My hands and feet are numb enough for the rest of the year & I've never drunk so much hot chocolate.... But thank-you snow for gracing us with your presence and making London seem almost pure again! 

All in all it was a lovely walk and we ended up walking home to this gorgeous sun set! 
Good old snow for making the world seem a more glorious place... Even if it is just for a couple days! 



  1. i am so jelaous of the snow!

    ps. you've got big beautiful eyes!


  2. aww, it's beautiful! i would love to visit london one day, and i think it would be so awesome to see a snowy london. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  3. it snowed over here too! but the snow melts slowly but it'S still freezing -.-
    lovely pictures :)