Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advice to my teenage self TAG

Hola :) I've asked for Miranda Hart's book - Is it just me? for christmas and the idea of the book is that she's giving her 18year old self some advice! I thought I'd do the same and came across this tag! It's not specific to being 18, that was just a couple years ago for me! So I'm aiming for Bryony aged 11-18! Enjoy :) 

3 makeup/fashion DOs for your teenage self - This one was super-duper hard!!! 
* Leave your hair naturally curly, it suits you and in a few years it will be more 'kinked' than curled! You'll be trying to make a curly, believe me. 

* Do wear mascara everyday! It seriously changes the way your face looks and stops you looking like you just rolled out of bed. It also frames your green eyes which you love in the future btw! 

* Uniform - Roll your school skirt up starting from year7. Below the knee lengths do not suit you and an older student will tell you so! She'll also unbutton your blazer and say you look silly! You know the length I mean though, no-one wants to see your 'Britney'!!! Do wear 2 pairs of tights even though mum says its a silly idea, they're warm, and shape your legs nicely. You will get comments on them ;) 

3 makeup/fashion DON'Ts for your teenage self -
Don't buy them coloured jeans you only wore once! They weren't flattering and didn't suit you. Don't make the extra trip back to Primark to change the size, they weren't worth it! Pale yellow, Really????

* Don't attempt to dye your hair a darker brown, you're allergic to the dye and will swell up like an ugly hamster. Stay natural, at least until you go grey!! 

* Don't straighten your hair everyday, it causes a lot of damage and years to finally have healthy hair again! 

A deep and meaningful piece of advice for your teenage self - 
I know you worry about people looking at your birthmark and thinking negative things about you because of it. It's not important and in a few years time (when you're 18 to be exact) you will find someone who loves everything about you, including your birthmark, and he'll tell you this on many occasions! Not everyone is as immature and shallow as the boys at school and will like you for more than your popularity status, your willingness to 'link up' with them, the pictures of your arse cheeks on myspace (old school!!) and how you look. There are gentlemen out there, just wait a little longer. I promise you it's worth it <3 

1 tip for school - 
Remember the ONE time you & Emma were rebels and refused to take part in triple English one day and bunked off the last lesson? Yeah, don't spend it in the library!!!! Miss 

Oakley will see you after & won't believe you both had appointments!!! 

2007 - Still BFF <3 

1 tip for friends - 
You can't trust all your friends so don't take what some of them say too seriously. When you grow up a little and get more experience in the big bad world the silly little girls from school who lived and breathed drama will have nothing, and you'll be in university with the same amazing friends that you've grown up with and you'll be able to chuckle in their faces. It will be worth it!! It's not important to be popular, it's important to have a small group of friends who you really trust. You still have them amazing friends now :)  

1 tip for fun - 
Don't worry about what other people are thinking about you. Just have fun and enjoy being a teenager before you have to grow up!! Life's too short! Enjoy your friends, family & life. Keep smiling because I can tell you when you're nearly 21, you are a very happy girl!!!!! No more spoilers younger me ;) 

Merry Christmas Bloggers!! And a Happy New Year!!! :) 

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