Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fitness:: Clothing and Apps!

As mentioned in a previous post, I have started jogging! 
Me, the chocolate loving coach potato who giggles at the way peoples faces jiggle when they run? Yes. So far I've been running for just under 3 weeks! So, how's it all going? 

Week One:
Mood: Deflated, grumpy, tired, sweaty, de-motivated & ready to give up! 
I started off my jogging journey on my own. I got dressed walked out my door and started running after about 3 minutes of walking. I wasn't timing myself but from the little clock in my head I'd guestimate that I was running about 30 seconds before wanting to collapse & hyperventilate! I carried on though and ended up running 4nights that week.... 
By the end of the week I was feeling so de-motivated as I wasn't getting any better! Jogging, but mostly walking, round the park I was seeing people running so easily and smoothly without panting like a giant dog in August heat and some were up to 30years older than me! 
I almost gave up after just a week... Then someone said to me "Jogging is mind over matter. If you think you can't do it, then you can't and won't. If you tell yourself you can, you'll progress and be running for longer and actually enjoying it."

So I took the advice.

Week Two:
Mood: Determined, excited, nervous.
My second week began after spending the majority of the weekend on google researching tips & tricks on how to be a good runner when you're absolutely useless. I came across a running program run by none other than the NHS! It's called 'Coach to 5k' and it basically does what the name says! It includes a running plan that gets you off the coach and running 5k in just 9weeks! AS IF I hear you say!! 

There are 9 weeks worth of FREE Podcasts on iTunes and they play you music, talk to you & tell you to keep going. The music is hard not to like and although I'd prefer to listen to my own I can bare the stuff they provide! Each week you run/walk for 20minutes, with a 5 minute brisk walk before & after. As the weeks progress you run for longer periods of time with shorter walking breaks between.

Week 1 is: Run for 60seconds, walk for 90seconds. 
I'm feeling much better this week than I did last week! 

Week Three:
Mood: Happy & raring to carry on with the program to see some results!
I have just begun week2 of the 'Couch to 5k' program which is run for 90seconds then walk for 2minutes ect...
I'm really enjoying this program and I feel like with time I'll actually be able to see a difference. I am off on a run after I finish this post and I even look forward to going out now as although the progress is slow, I am noticing a difference. 

Now onto the fun bit... Clothes & Shoes!! 

I've never been a fan of trainers but when I saw these Nike running shoes I fell in love! They are super comfy, literally like slippers! And the grip on the bottom is perfect for running, I tried spinning on the spot in them. It wasn't a pretty site. Running shoes can be expensive so I recommend going to a shop such as Sports direct to find the best deals! As you'll notice most of my running gear is from there as it's cheaper than the likes of JJB Sports. 
I just wear sports ankle socks with these, apparently they help your feet breathe... Whatever that means! 

Good grip to ensure your feet and ankles have sufficient support? CHECK

Ah, now we move onto the sexy running trousers! My boyfriend laughed at me when I said I couldn't go running in my Hollister trackies as they weren't fitted and would cause 'Drag'! I was good as science btw ;) I opted for the tighter spandex feeling trousers. They are also comfier than I expected and the ones I purchased, by Karramore are even practical! With reflective streaks down the sides and a pocket at the back, which my phone fits in perfectly might I add, they are a 10/10. They also have a zip up the ankle should you want them a little looser towards the bottom!

Sexy, practical, safe & comfy trousers?

The sports bra is always something I've avoided! They aren't cute or sexy and they are very visible! Here are the main issues I had before buying one:

Do they come in proper sizes? Yes

Are they comfortable? Not at first, but neither was a normal bra the first time I wore it! After a minute or so it's fine.

Can you see your nipples through it? If it's cold, slightly. But no one looks at you when you're running. (I HOPE)

Do you need one even if you have smaller boobs? Yes, even small boobs can bounce around and become uncomfortable, especially in an ill fitted bra!

^^^^^ These are all my answers and are in no means professional! Convinced me to buy one though! ^^^^^

Boobage support? CHECK

With regards to tops, wear what you think is comfortable. I prefer more loose fitting tops with at least t-shirt sleeves. Currently I am using an old long sleeve Hollister top & Plain sports t-shirts that cost about £3 each, alternating depending on the weather. Any top will do, I just prefer mine to cover my bottom, as I do when wearing leggings! 

People laugh at me (and my lovely mum!) when we say we want to look good when exercising. They think it's something you do for your body not for other people. Which is true. But we'll argue the toss that exercise isn't exactly fun and in the beginning stages not very enjoyable. So if you feel like you look good it's one less thing to worry about! If you want to match your trainers to you t-shirt and your hair band then do it! It's your workout so whatever makes you feel comfortable. I even put 1 spritz of perfume on before I go out, just in case I'm working hard and Mr. Billy Orange (BO) decides to show his ugly face. No one wants people to think they smell rancid, including me!

So onto the apps on my iPhone that I use...

The first app I use is called 'Pedometer'. It's a free app that basically counts the steps you take in a session. It also records how many miles you do each session & how many calories you've burnt.
For a free app it is very good and I can't think of any other features that a paid step count could have! Why pay when you can get it free? Exactly!

The second app is called 'MapMyRun'. Again, it's free. Three cheers for that!! Its easy to use and it records your sessions on a map. You can save different routes to your profile and again it tells you the distance and calories burnt during your workout. Mine is set to running but if you fiddle with the settings you can change the activity to walking, dog walking, yoga, ect.
Using apps is a great way to track my progress as bits of paper would get lost & I'm useless at maths so having it all done for me at the click of a button is perfecto!

I think this has been long enough so I'll leave it there!!

Thanks for reading  xoxoxox

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