Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tory Burch Shoe Bargain Look-a-like!

Hola fellow bloggers!! 

I've watched beauty videos on youtube for about 3 years now & I love nothing more than scrolling through my subscriptions box on my homepage! Many of the gurus I watch are American & continually tell me about Tory Burch shoes! 

So I thought 'what's the crack with this Burch chick?'
So after googling her I fell in love with many of her shoe designs!! But I absolutely refuse to pay over £100 for shoes! (Uggs are my only exception as I quite literally wear mine to death!!)

So I gave up on them...

Then I was browsing the clothes in Tesco, as you do!!! And I spotted the cutest shoes!!!! I jumped on them instantly! Now I have to add it took multiple trips to Tesco to get my size! Popular little shoes that they were! They come in Black & in a turquoise/blue colour! I opted for black. 
I love love love them! 

Let me give you the maths!!!!! 

Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet flats = £170. 

Tesco F&F Buckle Ballerina Pumps = £12.50.

Appearance Difference = Marginal!!!!

Price Difference = Phenomenal!!!! 

Left: Tory Burch, Beautiful, stylish shoes.... With a price tag that's just not as beautiful!! 

(Images from the Tory Burch UK website.) 
Right: Tesco looky-likeys.... Just as cute & very well made may I add!!! But for so little pennies!!! 

(Top image - My own
Bottom image - from the Tesco website) 

The design on the top is so similar and if I saw some random lassy walking down the road in the Tesco ones I'd just think they were the £170!! 

I love a good bargain!! 

Any good places to find some bargains? Let me know :) 

BryonyLaura xoxoxox

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