Friday, 21 September 2012

Sick-day FOTD

I'm sure everyone knows how rubbish it feels to have a rotten cold! I'm the girl who complains from the second it hits until 3 seconds after its gone! Nothing makes me more miserable. So sometimes, you need a little chillaxation time. For me, that meant staying at home for a week straight, only leaving the house 2 times, once for milk and once for a cash machine! Antisocial I know! And we say men complain when they have the infamous 'Man flu' (that was said in a godlike, deep voice just in case you wanted to know!' Thank goodness I don't start uni until next week! 

Out of my 6 'sick days' so far I've only worn make-up for 2 of them. Obviously if I had work or university, or a life, I'd have worn it everyday. So I thought I'd show you my 'I'm sick but don't want people to see me with my human skin' make-up! Its quick, easy and somehow makes me feel a tad better about my icky self! 

So this is my charming sick face with minimal make up. A simple look but it goes a long way in making one feel better! 

I pinned my fringe back as it's now too long to wear down & £55 for a cut is not in my reach at this moment in time! It also keeps it from falling in my tissue when I'm blowing my sore little nose! (lovely image, I know!)

I've also taken a quick snap of my outfit today! Makes a change from my comfy tracksuit this week! Plain dark wash jeans with a comfy, slouchy pink knitted jumper from Dorothy Perkins! Easy and yet somehow stylish! I can feel the autumn weather already so why not begin dressing for it? I paired it with my white pallet pumps but these only lasted 20 minutes whilst I drove from dads house to mums, they have now been replaced with toasty, cosy bed socks! Don't judge! 

Onto the make-up....

On my face I decided that I wanted a little coverage plus colour to make me look less, well, dead and ghostly. I haven't used liquid foundation since the beginning of 2012 and I'm now using the Bare Minerals range! Love it! A review may follow if it is wanted! So I popped a bit of this on to give my face some life over the top of my concealer (pictured below).

I haven't worn bronzer in a while but it felt necessary somehow today! So on it went. Then a touch of pink blush to bring my cheeks back to normality. Both are from the ELF contouring blush and bronzing palette, which I would highly recommend!

Mascara is something that I refuse to leave the house without! My natural lashes aren't terrible but no where near the standard that I'd call 'fit for public viewing'. So on went a light coat of the Body Shops 'Big and curvy' mascara. It does what my lashes need and makes my eyes looks instantly more awake. What more do I want? Eye liner is the biggest thing I skip on days like these. Maybe it's laziness but I just don't bother when I'm not leaving the house. Anyone else do this?

I finished with a little lip butter by Korres in the colour 'Quince', a pretty raspberry colour that just brightens my face up that little bit more!
A little goes a long way in making me feel better!

What do you do to make yourself feel better? Feel free to comment below and thanks again for reading! :) 

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