Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fitness and lifestyle!

Hello bloggers! I haven't posted in so long! Trying to get into it!

I'm having a little lady crisis with my self esteem at the moment! Mostly due to my weight, long story short, it's higher than I want it to be. I haven't weighed this much in nearly 4 years! Back then I could blame it on teen chub and crappy food at school, but what can my excuse now be?

This time last year I was 11lbs lighter, so needless to say, I'm on a diet! And I'm even going to do some exercise! Shocking I know! 

I'm not following any daft celeb diets, such as the apple diet, or baby food diet (come on! Seriously??) but I will be trying my absolute hardest to eat healthier day to day & change up my eating habits!

So far.....
1. Living with an Italian (my stepdad) we are partial to having a nice hot bowl of pasta regularly, more regularly than we should might I add! I enjoy my pasta and didn't want to cut it out completely. So I opted for replacing it with rice noodles! I enjoyed these and they were a 3 minute in the microwave jobby! So even better right! Except I can only find the fresh bags that have to be eaten within 3 days & can't be frozen... So that replacement kind of walked the plank! So if anyone does know any UK supermarkets that sell rice noodles raw? If that's what they are! Please comment below!

2. I tried to cut out all sweet things, ie: crisps, biscuit, sweets, cakes & chocolate. So unrealistic I know! I lasted about a week & I half then I cracked! The lady time came I was dying for some chocolate! I know not to mess with myself during certain times so of course I gave in! I still haven't had any crisps and only eaten chocolate on the weekends, on the whole! I avoided cupcakes for weeks which believe me, was awful!!! Until... I went to York for a night with my boyfriend and low and behold, there was a cupcake shop! Needless to say, I fell off the wagon, head first & kept falling until that whole cupcake, frosting and all was securely in my tummy. Ooops! 

So I'm resetting my goals! And making them more realistic!

3. I was originally using an app on my iPhone called 'MyFitnessPal'. Genius little app! Tells you how many calories you can eat and you tell it what you've eaten & it calculates how many you have left! Was great! For about 3 weeks! Then I started placement again and it was just a lot of extra work to search everything I'd eaten!

For example: whole meal bread-2 Slices, raspberry jam-2tsps, milk-semi skimmed-250ml. It was so much work! This app gives you brands and portion size and everything! Fine for when I'm a lazy cow at home, not so much when I'm working! So I gave up on that and now it keeps notifying me saying 'You may need some encouragement'. Pfffft!!

4. I haven't weighed myself in over a month and I don't intend to just yet!!
However I did start jogging this week so at some point I need to do a baseline weight, which I'm dreading! I should probably measure myself in inches too! I've wanted to jog for a while but I was always too lazy! Yes, I'm a couch potato :) and after the london marathon I was all set to do it! Then, to cut out a long dramatic story, I had heart palpitations and was scared out of it! After tests showed nothing was wrong I stopped worrying and took a bullet! A bullet in the form of buying trainers! Well, running shoes to be exact! I hate trainers! With a passion. No one looks good in trainers! But these shoes are so comfy and so easy to move in!! They're Nike and I couldn't even guess the name! £35 reduced to £25! I liked them straight away! I've been 3 times, each time running for maybe 1/4 - 1/2 of the time I'm out! I'm told it will get better! But we shall see!!

Ill do a more detailed post on my jogging experience once I'm more into it, perhaps I'll be a fan!! But perhaps not... We shall see! I'll also include any apps I use whilst out, because as an iPhone addict, my baby had to be involved! Haha...

Any tips on getting fit & toned down? The healthy way obviously! Let me know below :) and thanks for reading my ramble!!!!

Cheerio for now!


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